SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol


SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

Course Description
To gain employment in the hospitality industry, in the sale and service of alcohol, a mandatory course in the responsible service of alcohol is required.

This course explains the legal responsibilities relating to the sale, supply, and service of alcohol on licensed premises. Also covered in this course is how to assist customers to drink within appropriate limits, how to assess alcohol affected customers and identify those who need to be refused service, how to refuse service, implement harm minimisation strategies and serve alcohol responsibly.

This course is suitable for those wanting to gain employment in hospitality venues such as packaged liquor outlets, wineries, breweries, restaurants, hotels, and clubs.


Course Delivery
Students will complete this course in one (1) day and must attend for the full 6 hours of face to face delivery in the classroom or workplace, not including breaks. (Hours are regulated by Liquor & Gaming NSW). Students will be assessed in both theory and practical using assessment tools such as multiple choice, short answer questions and role plays.

There is a 30 minute meal break and all students are required to return on time. Use of microwave and fridge available. Tea, coffee and milk only supplied.

After successful completion of the course examination, students are issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment and Liquor and Gaming NSW RSA interim certificate. The RSA interim certificate allows participants to work for 90 days while they order and receive their NSW photo competency card.

Students need to apply through Service NSW for a NSW photo competency card and should receive their card within 4 weeks via post. A digital version of the card is also available through the Service NSW app. For further information visit  https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-rsa-or-rcg-competency-card .

Please be aware the NSW competency card is valid in NSW only and other states may require further training or other requirements to be met to practice RSA in their state. It is a students responsibility to find out this information.

Licensing and Regulations
If you hold a current NSW RSA/RCG Competency Card issued from August 2011, that is about to expire, this course is not suitable for you. You will need to complete an on-line refresher course and we advise you to contact Liquor and Gaming NSW on http://www.liquorandgaming.nsw.gov.au for further instruction or use the link below for more information:
https://www.liquorandgaming.nsw.gov.au/working-in-the-industry/training-to-work-in-the-industry/competency-cards/nsw-competency-cards .  

If you have a current RSA certification from another state, you may be eligible to do a bridging course instead of this full RSA course. WRCC requires that all students disclose, at enrolment, if they hold a current RSA from another state.

More information available at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-rsa-competency-card-nsw-rsa-bridging-applicants. If you have a current RSA/RCG Competency Card but would prefer to do a full RSA/RCG course, instead of a refresher, WRCC can facilitate this if a student declaration is completed. Contact WRCC on 6964 5334 for further information.

Interstate residents who hold a current and valid Victorian, Northern Territory (NT) or Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification may be eligible to work temporarily in New South Wales (NSW).

This is as a result of recent changes made to the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 (Cwlth) that introduced new national licensing and registration agreements on 1 July 2021 – called the National Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) agreement. 

If your business employs RSA workers, you will need to:

  • check they hold a valid and current interstate RSA certification
  • sight proof of identity and interstate principal residential address.

Entry Requirements
Must be a minimum of 17 years of age to enrol. Students who under go this training before they are 18 years of age should be aware they cannot legally sell or serve alcohol until they turn 18 years of age. RSA has a 5 year expiry which begins upon issue of an interim certificate.
As of 1st January 2015, it is a compulsory requirement that ALL students must provide a Unique Student Identifier number (USI) prior to commencement of any accredited course. Please click on the link 
http://www.usi.gov.au to create or retrieve your USI.

Course Requirements
Students are required to provide 100 points of identification on the day of the course (originals only as photocopies will not be accepted). Students must provide their full name, including middle name, current address, phone number and email address, as per their identification, upon enrolment.

Practical Experience And Industry Networking
Training is delivered by  an experienced industry expert.

Student Fee
$199.00 Course fee to be paid in full to enrol.
Refund and fee protection policy – Please refer to the student handbook. Student_Handbook

Full Course Costs 

Course Structure
SITHFAB021 Provide responsible service of alcohol 
training.gov.au - SITHFAB021 - Provide responsible service of alcohol

Please refer to the link for the student handbook Student_Handbook for all details relating to rights and responsibilities including complaints and appeals.

Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol 19 August 2024 08:45 am – 04:30 pm WRCC Griffith 13 $199.00
SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol 19 September 2024 09:00 am – 04:30 pm WRCC Leeton 11 $199.00
SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol 23 September 2024 08:45 am – 04:30 pm WRCC Griffith 15 $199.00

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